Co-curricular Activity

An yearly Magazine and School Newspaper are produced by students under faculty supervision and approval. It provides a forum for expression of opinion of students, teachers and parents and reporting the events of the School. It also publishes literary articles written by students.

Special functions are organized on different ocassions & festival. i.e. debate, Indian music, dance and drama.

Clubs and Interest Groups are formed by students for activities such as photography, environment clubs to train them to keep the neighborhoods clean and to teach them more about preserving the environment.

Scouts and guide training help the students to develop self-reliance, self-help, punctuality and service to the underprivileged and illiterate.

Gardening and cleaning the School is done by students to inculcate the dignity of labour, sense of cleanliness and love for nature.

Field trips are organized to educate the students for functioning of the society such as various offices of administration, courts, jails, post-office, water-works, telephone exchange, hospital, business, factories, and news paper establishments etc.

Trips to various worship places are organized to expose student to spiritualism. They are also taken to Houses of Worship of other religions to emphasize the importance of religious diversity of India and to learn to live and let live with different religions. Competitions and special activities are performed during the session.