Admission Procedure

The admission forms can be obtained from School or from website. An official transcript showing marks of previous School is required. A letter of reference of the forwarding School is also needed.

The admission application is processed by a committee headed by the Principal. Any approach to the members of selection committee to influence the decision will disqualify the student. The student has to pass an admission test ministered by the School. The parents are also communicated. A physical examination, up to date immunization and evidence of freedom from Tuberculosis are required from the physician for admission to the School. Children who have attained the age of 3 are eligible for admission to prep, class, 4 for Lower KG, 5 for upper KG, 6 for first grade. They will have to show a birth certificate as proof of age.

Grade placement is determined by student's age, transcript and admission test result. The School reserves the right to make a final grade placement and subject selection decision. Admission cannot be guaranteed for all applicants. The School reserves the right to expel and or delete the name of any student from the rolls.