Future Einstein Lab

This laboratory creates an atmosphere in the School for learning by doing. It is a research lab for budding scientists of our School. Here the children learn how the way the world works, eg how clothes are made ,how volcano erupts etc. it can spark ideas in a student ‘s mind so that he is capable of creating a solution to big problems such as reducing poverty through the improvement of seed genetics to grow stronger crops.

Einstein lab helps the students to make Science Fair projects. A Science Fair Project is one of the best learning experience for a student. Here a student chooses a scientific question, then visits the library, goes for internet research and thus get the background information to formulate a hypothesis and design an experiment .After writing the report ,students performs the experiment ,draw the conclusion and present a report .It involve so much more than Science.Report Writing needs Computer research skill and a great deal of Maths. It gets the opportunity to enhance their presentation skill ,when they prepare their display board and discuss their project to judge.

According to National Research Council active learning is not employed often enough, in the class room .

The President of International Hindu School Dr. Suman Km Mishr though lives in U.S but very much concerned for creating an atmosphere in the School for Learning by doing .He established this research lab for the budding future Scientist of the School ,named Einstein Lab .