Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship development and training is basically the process of improving the skill set ,as well as the knowledge of the students . This can be done through various methods such as classroom sessions or training programme specially designed to increase the entrepreneurial acumen.

Another definition of this term could be the process of enhancing the capacity of students to develop ,manage and organize a business venture while keeping in mind the risks associated with it.

But instead of complicating things with big words and sophisticated terminologies, let us understand it simply. The process of entrepreneurship development is nothing but helping the students develop their skills through training and applications of the same.

It instills in them the quality of making better decisions in day to day business activities.

Our teachers have already trained the student on the topics like lemonade selling, Best out of waste, Greeting card making, Mehndi design,organizing a Magic show by learning magic tricks, Non-fire cooking etc. This training is provided to children right from the Primary.

The learning excitement in the students reach great heights.They become more confident about their future because they understand that the institution is doing something extra ,apart from academics .